Top 10 Reasons Why Ladyfinger is the Best Place for the Overall Development of Your Child


Ladyfinger is not just a playschool or child care institution, it’s a place where we highly focus on imparting the best knowledge to your child. The knowledge provided here is not just limited to the enhancement of their academic skills but also intellectual, emotional, linguistic, physical, social, and moral skills that help them flourish as an individual in society. Our programs include Playschool, Daycare, corporate Daycare, and holiday programs. We ensure your child’s safety with us and provide them with the best environment for their healthy growth and development.

Top 10 Reasons Why We are the Best Option for Your Child’s Overall Development :

  1. Uniquely Designed Programmes – Our uniquely designed programmes are not just suitable for your child and their development but we also help you carry out your own career plans without making you feel bad about not being able to pay attention to your child in their growing age.
  2. Safe Environment for Your Children – There are many playschools and childcare institution that claims to provide a safe and hygienic environment to your child but are they actually safe? who knows? Well, we at Ladyfinger not just claim for your child’s safety but also prove it through our highly well-maintained infrastructure as well as friendly staffs who give extra care to your child just like the way you do.
  3. Best Facilitators at Your Child’s Service – We, at Ladyfinger,  don’t just have staffs we have the best facilitators who take extra care of your child. We keep your child under the supervision of highly trained and equipped teachers and efficient staff who provide hands-on experience and learning along with age-appropriate activities that nurture children socially, emotionally and physically.
  4. Our Well-Designed Activities Boost the All-Round Development of Your Child – The various range of activities designed for children helps them grow and learn the basics of living. We have designed activities such as stage show activities, curricular and co-curricular activities, Sports activities and excursion that not just provide physical development but also promotes their mental growth. After doing these activities your child learns to be strong, bold and confident and learns problem-solving skills. Apart from these they also get the chance to relive the grandmother storytelling which is fun and also It instils virtue in them.
  5. The Best Curriculum Ensuring Step By Step Learning Process for Your Child -Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best methodology to instil knowledge in your child. At ladyfingers, we have a well-structured curriculum that provides step by step knowledge to your child building their foundation in a strong way that helps them grow gradually and excellently.
  6. Level of Teaching – We teach children based on their level and categorize them into different categories as every child has a different rate of grasping knowledge based on their age. We focus on making helping your child grasp knowledge and also retain them through our unique way of teaching. For children of every age, we don’t bother them with tasks but make their learning process easy and fun that also generate their curiosity to learn more.
  7. Regular Interaction with the Guardians Of Children – Where in other playschools and childcare institutions you may not get the opportunity to interact with the caretakers of your child, Ladyfinger gives youth the opportunity to interact with us regarding your child whenever you want and we also keep a watch on every child and keep sharing regular feedback regarding your child’s development.
  8. Corporate Daycare Programme – Did you have one of the best staffs in your office but she resigned as she couldn’t manage her work with her child? Oh! that’s sad but no more resignation now when you have Ladyfinger at your services. We provide childcare for children from the early age of six months as well as with convenient after school programs for children up to the age of eleven years, with childcare being provided to parents who require full-time, part-time or occasional care.
  9. Affordable Programmes With The Best Services – While it can be pricy to keep your child under the supervision and care of highly trained professionals and a brand that is popular worldwide but you will be happy to know that you can leave your child under our care and supervision without getting worried about the budget.
  10. Relaiblity And Authenticity – When there are many institutions proving childcare and development you can’t trust them all. While there may be many claims but not all are true but at ladyfinger don’t make false claims but rather prove our authenticity and credibility with evidence. You can go through our testimonials that provide real and unaltered feedbacks for our services. We are not just an institution, We are a brand.

When you choose the right preschool for your child you can feel assured that your child is getting appropriate guidance for their all-round development and growth. We, at Ladyfinger, help your child in building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do well in every aspect of their life. It’s never too early to start thinking about planning your child’s future. Don’t keep waiting for the right moment just make the moment right by contacting us. Reach us at our branches at Karnal/Delhi and get the right guidance to plan your child’s future. We have a limited number of seats available for a limited period. Hurry up and help your child grow in a smart way. Call us @1800-103-5090, 9811909107 or Mail us at


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