Top 10 Services of the Best Online School Management Software in India – CLOBAS


Clobas is the Next Generation innovative Software product Development Company, Founded by a team of extraordinary, passionate, and dedicated technocrats and domain experts. Clobas is specialized to provide cloud and mobile solutions with the ability to meet the dynamic needs of educational institutions in the 21st century and beyond.

Top 10 Best Online School Management Software Services provide by them-

  1. Student Profile Management– Student’s particulars (collected during admission) can be entered or uploaded here. Profile of each student such as personal info, demographic info, results, attendance, and fee details can be put in one single window for top management to view, track and maintain the record virtually
  2. Fee Management – This module enables institutions to set-up various fee structures and associated due dates. Fee collection and Receipt printing, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly collection reports are incorporated here.
  3. Transportation Management – This module can be used to maintain bus details, bus stops, Student occupancy in each route, driver details, service date for buses, and many more.
  4. Parent Feedback Module – Using this module, Parents/Staff would be able to provide feedback/suggestions to the institutions on various categories such as General, Transport, Hostel, etc.
  5. E – Circulars – All kinds of communications like circulars reminders, results, and attendance details can be sent to target users via e-mail and SMS.
  6. Student Attendance Tracking And Posting – Using this module, Tutors/admin can post daily attendance. Hence, Parents can view the attendance online. If a student does not maintain his/her required attendance, Parents will get an email/SMS notification, which is configurable
  7. Staff Attendance Tracking – Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly attendance reports of the staff are incorporated here.
  8. Online Results Publications – This module allows users to configure necessary parameters for all examinations with aggregate formula, grades, CGPA, marks, etc.
  9. Staff Profile Management – Through this module, Institute can maintain staff records and retrieve them as and when is required.
  10. Past Year Question Papers – This module will have past five years’ question papers from respective board exams. So, tutors and students can refer to these questions from anywhere, anytime.

Clobas has the vision to be the most trusted Technology provider for Educational Institutions and Ministries across the globe to create Smart Schools, Colleges, and Universities. So you should go and visit their website now for the best services.


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