Top 10 Unique Pickles from Printhstana Food you Need to try!

Unique Pickles you must try from PrinthstanaFood

Being blessed with roots from Kerala and Kanyakumari, Printhstana Food is the best store you can find for a wide variety of pickles, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. Yes! You read it right, non-vegetarian pickles are something new you will be seeing at PRINTHSTANA food.

Top 10 Unique Pickles you must try from PrinthstanaFood

  • Chicken pickle (Boneless) – With the flavours of natural ingredients, along with chicken marinated with special spices. PRINTHSTANA food provides you with the best homemade chicken pickle with premium quality at a very cheap price, So hurry up and grab one for you now.
  • Mutton pickle(Boneless) – Buy Delicious Home Made and Hand Made mutton pickle of PRINTHSTANA food enriched with fresh flesh, with the best taste of spices and natural ingredients along with it.
  • Fish pickle(Tuna Fish – Boneless ) – Are you a fan of fish dishes? PRINTHSTANA food has got a very special and tasty pickle for you of tuna fish, it’s boneless gravy will make it easier for you to enjoy its taste.
  • Prawn Pickle– PRINTHSTANA food’s Prawn pickle is a spicy savoury pickle made with fresh prawns. The delightful combination of spices gives an authentic touch to the pickle. The taste of traditional Kerala prawn pickle is felt in every bite.
  • Squid Pickle– PRINTHSTANA food provides Kerala style Squid / Koonthal / Kanava pickles with the unique recipe from the founder chef. Prepared under hygienic conditions No Artificial Colors and Flavours.
  • Garlic Pickle– Apart from the taste, Garlic is also filled with nutrients and can almost act as lifesavers. It can help combat the common cold, reduce blood pressure and even improve cholesterol levels.  PRINTHSTANA food provides you with the best quality garlic pickle with the best premium quality and taste.
  • Dates Pickle– Dates pickle is a delicious pickle recipe that is made with black dates, it can add the just-right taste to your good, so hurry and buy one from PRINTHSTANA food now!
  • Ginger Pickle – Ginger can help in many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness. Ginger may reduce muscle pain and soreness. The anti-inflammatory effects can help with gastritis. Add PRINTHSTANA food’s ginger pickle to your diet for both health and taste.
  • Bitter Gourd Pickle– Try Homemade Bitter Gourd Pickle from PRINTHSTANA food. It’s Mild and full of flavour. Tastes best with khichdi, parathas etc. Perfect indulgent for a weight conscience diabetic person
  • Vadu Mango Pickle(KanniMango /Tender Mango) – We Indians are a fan of mango pickles, they are Delicious and Tangy pickles to spice up your meals. PRINTHSTANA food provides you with the best tasting mango pickle for your food. So hurry and buy one now!

Printhstana Food will provide you with the best homemade pickle with the best variety in tastes, maintaining the best quality and if you are a fan of non-vegetarian, you must try its non-vegetarian pickle.


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