Top 10 Courses Offered By Darul Arqam


Darul Arqam is an educational and welfare association that offers various courses in Islamic studies. It provides courses in Urdu as well as the English language and students can easily learn Deeni Talimaat according to their convenience. The main objective of Darul Arqam is ‘No doubt, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace’. Apart from the courses they provide services in Marital Counselling, Hijama Service, E-Books, Recitation, and Hifdh classes for ladies and children.

Below are some of the courses provided by Darul Arqam:

  1. Diploma in Taleemul Quran
  2. Diploma in Tafseerul Quran
  3. Diploma In Hijama Therapy
  4. Diploma in Fiqh
  5. Sunnah Health & Diet Course
  6. Sheraton Nabi
  7. Dawah-e-Quran
  8. Ruqyah Course
  9. Introduction to the understanding of the Quran
  10. Surah Al-Hujuraat Tafseer

Darul Arqam is working hard to deliver Islamic teachings to as many people as they can so the ones who are busy with their work they can easily avail the teachings of the Quran by sitting at home. This online academy is best for housewives, students, working people, and others.


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