Top 10 BIS Registered Products

bis registered

About Crown Infotek

Crown Infotek is one of the leading companies that offer unmatched services which are related to BIS approval in India. It provides consultation for Registration and Approvals & Licenses in India. Crown Infotekis a single platform where you can get fast BIS approval.

Approval & Licenses

There are many companies who face a lot of problem in getting Approval & Licenses in India. But the professionals at Crown Infotek assist you to get fast Approvals and solve all your problems in getting the Licenses as well.

Below are some of the products which come under BIS Registration:

  1. Automatic Data Processing Machine
  2. Video Games
  3. Laptop/Tablet/Notebook
  4. Microwave Ovens
  5. Amplifiers with Input Power 2000W and Above
  6. Visual Display Units, Videos Monitors of Screen Size 32” and Above
  7. Power Adaptors for Audio, Video, and Similar Electronic Apparatus
  8. LED Luminaries for Road and Street Lighting
  9. USB Driven Barcode Readers, Barcode Scanners, Iris Scanners, Optical Fingerprint Scanners
  10. Telephone Answering Machines


If you are planning to launch your product in the Indian Market, then you must confirm whether you are well aware of the latest Marketing Standards or not. You must consult Crown Infotek to get fast Approvals and Licenses.


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