Top 10 Different Beautiful and Aromatic Dry Flowers to Buy From Yuvika Herbs

Top 10 Different Beautiful and Aromatic Dry Flowers to Buy From Yuvika Herbs

Yuvika Herbs is an excellent platform for buying the best and natural products with the best and natural quality available at a marketable and reasonable price which will help not only your pocket but also your health very efficiently and also, they provide many more spices that will make your food very delicious and healthy at the same time.

Top 10 Beautiful Dry Flowers Of Them: –

  1. Simbal Flower – Trees of Simbal are widely distributed all over Western Himalayas up to an elevation of 130 metres above sea level. From the Simbal flower take green base part, clean and dry in shade Mix one spoon powder, honey (2 tbsp.) desi ghee (1 tbsp.) in milk and drink it’ll help in keeping the weakness away and will boost immunity.
  2. Rose Petal Powder – Rose petal powder is like an elixir. It can be used in various wonderful ways, giving innumerable benefits to the skin and hair. Due to its soothing fragrance, rose is said to balance ‘Vata dosha’. This dosha, according to Ayurveda, manifests mainly as anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues. With its cooling and stabilizing effects, rose is also said to balance ‘pitta dosha’.
  3. Kusum Flower – Safflower petals are also used as a herbal tea variety. Safflower tea may be beneficial, especially in postmenopausal women. Safflower tea may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
  4. Chamomile Flower – Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind The dried flowers of chamomile contain many terpenoids and flavonoids contributing to its medicinal properties. Chamomile preparations are commonly used for many human ailments such as hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasms, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulcers, wounds, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic pain, and haemorrhoids.
  5. Dry Rose Petal – Dry Rose Petals are beneficial to health and beauty in many ways. They not only have a lovely relaxing aroma but also contain vitamins and antioxidants which can help soothe and repair the skin. You can use them to make your own rose water, infused oil, soaps, face masks or luxurious bath salts. You can also simply spread the rose petals on top of your bath water for a spa-like experience.
  6. Hibiscus flower – Hibiscus is popular for its potential to reduce high blood pressure. Modern studies show promise for both the tea and hibiscus plant extract to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Hibiscus shows potential for cancer treatment and as a weight loss aid, along with other uses.
  7. Lotus Flower Dry – Dried Lotus flowers have been used to manage bleeding disorders, especially control the excessive loss of blood during heavy menstruation. It also helps in managing diarrhoea by reducing the frequency of passing stool.
  8. Pomegranate Flower – Pomegranate flower has a great amount of antioxidants. It helps to fight external bacteria or viruses to keep you safe and protected. The antioxidant present in the pomegranate flower is not just to boost your immune system, but also to keep you healthy by eliminating deposited fat in the body.
  9. Neem Flowers – Neem flower is used for reducing bile, controlling phlegm, and treating intestinal worms. The fruit is used for haemorrhoids, intestinal worms, urinary tract disorders, bloody nose, phlegm, eye disorders, diabetes, wounds, and leprosy.
  10. Arabian Lavender Flower –  Studies suggest that consuming lavender as a tea can help digestive issues such as vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas, upset stomach, and abdominal swelling. In addition to helping with digestive problems, lavender is used to help relieve pain from headaches, sprains, toothaches, and sores. It can also be used to prevent hair loss.

Try these beautiful and aromatic flowers and their powders, make the most of it by their homemade remedies, uses and many more. Apart from all these, you can also try the other natural products of yuvika herbs like dry fruits, dry seeds, dry nuts and many more. They are of the best quality and are very good for the health.


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