Top 10 Tips to Maintain your washing Machine and Repair Services

Washing machine repair service

Who doesn’t want spotless clothes out of their washing machine? Like any other home appliance service, washing machines make our life easier and hassle-free.  It is important to understand that for high efficiency and long life of washing machine, regular care and maintenance is very crucial.

1.Daily maintenance

Regular washing machine maintenance goes a long way in helping these machines last for years to come. The truth is, you or your family can do most of these things right at your home.

.After you have washed the clothes, keep the door of the machine open to let the moisture and dampness dry out. If your machine is dry and moisture-free then there will be no musty smell inside the tub. If you have washed a very greasy and dirty load, make sure that you’re clean the machine walls and tub with a damp cloth to remove any slimy build-up.

2.Deep Cleaning

People expect their washing machines to give 100% every time. However, this is not always the case. Washing machines problems occur and the appliances start to lose their efficiency after a point in time. You may notice that your clothes are not coming out as clean as they used to when the machine was new. The main reason behind this is the scaling that occurs due to the micro-residuals present in the water. This can be a big issue in areas that have hard water.

3.What out What are You Washing

Do not wash your rubber mates and heavy carpets in the washing machine. This would put pressure on the washing machine motor and cause internal damage.

4.Choose the Right Detergent

The choice of a good washing machine detergent depends on your budget and specific washing needs. Some people prefer to use machine-specific detergents while others use regular detergents. The point to remember is that the detergent you use must not be too harsh or heavily alkaline in nature, as this will damage both the machine parts and your clothes. So, choose the right washing detergent.

5.Protect from Spillage

Washing machines also gather residues from detergent spillage. Despite your efforts to use the best detergents or softeners in the market, their residue becomes sticky over time and start to smell bad. The best way to clean this sticky residue is to wipe it with a mild dishwashing cleaner. Also, do not forget to clean the inside of the drum with a damp cloth as it also builds lint, detergent, and dirt residue over time.

6.Clean the Filter

Semi-automatic washing machines have a lint filter inside the washing tub. This filter extracts the lint and other dirt particles from the washing process and collects them in a bag. You have to clean this filter once in a while too. This is because once the filter is full; it is not able to collect the debris which will continue to remain in the water. This debris will get stuck on your clothes and build up in the machine as well. This, in turn, will reduce the life of your machine and negatively affect its performance. In some extreme cases, it can significantly damage the pulsator or agitator as well. You did not imagine that such a small thing may cost you so much, right? So, start cleaning your machine filter at least once a month.

7.Understand washing machine settings

Most washing machines in India today have 3 types of wash settings: Normal, Medium, and strong. Go for a normal wash for standard loads. If you are washing baby clothes or your delicate clothes go for a gentle setting. Choose a strong setting only when you are washing really greasy loads. It’s very important to use the right setting as per the requirement to protect clothes as well as machines from damage.

8.Do not overload 

Too many clothes in one go is not a good idea. Overloading puts pressure on the motor and results in overheating. Also, a packed load will result in poor or no spinning at all. But if you still wish to wash a heavy load, set the machine at the heavy load wash option. This would use a large amount of water and clothes will come out clean and spotless. But we would recommend that do not go for heavy loads as it requires more water and also puts put pressure on machine motor.

9.Look for rust and remove it

Sometimes you see that the clothes coming out of your machine have reddish-orange spots. This can be due to rust. Look for the rusted spots in your tub or dispenser. These rust spots can be removed easily by adding two cups of lemon juice and running the machine for one wash cycle on hot water. But if this tip does not work for you, get the tub changed. It can also happen that the rust is in the water pipes. So the water you use for washing gets rust particles from the pipes. In that case, get your pipes checked.

10. Take care of dryer

If you have a fully automatic machine then there will be a built dryer. Remove the lint from the dryer after every cycle. The lint can clog the filter and restrict the airflow, which can lead to overheating of the dryer. This overheating can shrink your delicate clothes.

Best Washing Machine Repair Service in Bangalore

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Makmore services are satisfied services where we never leave tasks incomplete with imperfection. Makmore is known to be the best Washing machine repair service provider because of its masterfulness.

A washing machine at home is a “Sanitization Machine” now. It will not be wrong to call it with this name too, Right? You might have started sanitizing your hand with a hand sanitizer now but this machine is working for a long for your precious dresses. The washing machine may not be listed in “essentials” but we all know how crucial its role has become in our life. If it gets stopped working at some point then it’s time to check and fix it out. So, check your appliance now, before its little or avoidable signs become a big problem to replace it with a new one. And buying a new one is a high expense. You should get it serviced once a month and every six months to make it work with its full potential and energy.

Just keep in mind that you should never risk your safety by trying to fix electronic faults with a machine. Safety always comes first. You also don’t want to attempt a DIY fix only to cause yourself bigger and more expensive problems. There are very minor faults that can be resolved at home and that comes under regular maintenance. After that, all major faults are professionals’ responsibility because they are skilled at it and know the causes and major fixing parts.

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