The Coronavirus pandemic has already claimed over 14,000 lives worldwide and is not showing signs of slowing down. This has caused the public movement to come to a halt as quarantine measures are being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 all around the world.

Most parents are very much concerned about their child’s growth education right brain development that is solved by Ladyfinger preschool. Ladyfinger understands that most parents are very much concerned about their child’s growth. Ladyfinger brings the method that helps the child to learn and absorb from the environment.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, some indoor games can help to keep children involved and at the same time stimulate their brains. Here is a list of top 10 indoor games that can help to boost your child’s brainpower. Read about such games and encourage your kids to play them right away.

  • Snake and Ladder: This is a very interesting game kids love to play. At the very initial stage, they can learn the numbers and can count them properly. It also boosts up their patience level. Their brain helps them to detect the patterns well, clear their concept about rules.
  • Maze: It is one of the very important games for kids. This game helps them to learn how to tackle problems and overcome them. The obstacles improve their memory power and teach them not to make the same mistake again. Mazes game always sharpens up kid’s brain function.
  • Mind Metrics: Mind metric game helps to boost the intellectual level to a greater extent. Every kid enjoys this game as they love to solve fun problems. This game revives their mind as they have to keep thinking for a long time. While solving problems their thinking power gets enhanced as they have to put stress on their brains.
  • Crossword Puzzle: Solving crossword puzzles boosts up kid’s brainpower by helping them to memorize more and more words. It also helps in developing their visualization which is related to brain function by finding the correct words. They get the idea of vertical, horizontal, central and diagonal alignment by finding the words.
  • Building Blocks:A building block is one of the ideal games to play inside the house. This game helps them to plan and build new models. Playing with building blocks can help kids to improve concentration. This game encourages kids to put pressure on their brains to think innovatively.
  • Word Building: This is another indoor game that helps every kid to think intensely and sharpen up the brain function. Kids enjoy making a correct word from jumbled up letters or making as many words as they can form using five to six letters. This game helps improve the presence of their mind.
  • Chess: Without a doubt, Chess is the best game to stimulate your kid’s brain function. It helps kids to learn how to plan to go forward with patience. This game also helps to improve the thinking skills of children.
  • Memory Game: The game is related to the power of your kid’s memory. After watching fifteen to twenty objects let them write or ask them the names one after another. Your kids will definitely love to play this memory-boosting game. This game helps kids to learn the skill of memorizing things.
  • Active Listening: This game will help you to check your child’s level of concentration and listening skills. You can play with your kids while relaxing. Just tell them stories and ask them a tricky question related to it. If they answer right, the kids are active listeners. This game can help a lot to boost a child’s listening skills and skills to interpret.
  • Treasure Hunt: It is a very easy game to play for kids. Hide any object anywhere at home and let your kids find it out. Just give a few hints of the location. This game will uplift the power of your kid’s brain to think and to reach the exact location.

Playing indoor games with your kids will not only help you to stimulate their brains but also will make your bond stronger with them. Enjoy precious time with your little ones by playing indoor games with them.

Can indoor games help to stimulate a child’s brainpower? What are the different ways to stimulate the brainpower of children? Which indoor games can hamper the brainpower of children? Discuss here.


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