Top 10 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast from Home


Weight loss can be accelerated with the right nutrition and conditioning. This post discusses 10 best foods, exercises, and lifestyle tips for weight loss. Your weight loss will depend on your current weight, age, and medical history. However, if you adhere to the tips mentioned in this post, you will see quick and amazing results. Read on!

  • Load Up On Dietary Fiber: The best way to reduce calorie intake is by incorporating more fiber into your diet. The recommended amount is about 30 grams a day. Soluble fiber absorbs water and transforms into a gel during digestion. Insoluble fiber remains undigested as it passes through your system. Both types of fiber slow down the process of digestion and help you feel fuller for longer

Expert Tip cut out starchy carbohydrate foods – e.g., sugars, starches, pastry, and bread of all kinds. Fresh fruit is fine. Eat a large, raw vegetable salad each day and a serving of animal protein four times a week. Stop excessive water drinking.

  • Avoid Consuming Simple Carbs: Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly and cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This, in turn, causes an increase in calorie intake That is why you must limit the intake of simple carbs. Avoid refined flour, refined sugar, candy, pastries, packaged foods, ketchup, sauces, etc. that are loaded with simple carbs. Instead, consume veggies, fruits, and whole grains, which are great sources of complex carbs (or dietary fiber).

Expert Tip Decrease your consumption of refined carbohydrates and replace them with more protein and healthy fats. When working out, use shorter bouts of high-intensity exercise (i.e., 10 min of on and off sprints) more frequently than long, slow exercises (i.e., steady pace treadmill running). Make sure you are getting plenty of quality sleep at night (at least 7 hours, preferably

  • Consume Healthy Or Good Fats: Not all fat is bad. Most junk foods contain unhealthy or saturated fats, which are responsible for an array of diseases. Unsaturated fats, which are found in avocado, olive oil, and nuts, can help lower cholesterol and the risk for heart diseases when consumed in moderation.

Expert Tip Switch from inflammation-causing vegetable oil back to the highly stable healthy ghee your grandmother used. Replace rice and potatoes with more vegetables. Cauliflower makes a great replacement for rice in any style of cooking but doesn’t end up on your hips. Fructose, even from fruit, will give you food cravings all day if you have it for breakfast. If you eat fruit, eat it after dinner, not in the morning, so you can sleep during the food cravings.

  • Incorporate A Workout Regimen Into Your Routine: Exercising regularly helps burn calories and boosts metabolism. It also helps in maintaining lean muscle. Lean muscles contain more mitochondria (the cell organelles in which glucose is converted to ATP). This, in turn, boosts your metabolism. Get 3-5 hours of exercise per week. Choose a workout that interests you (gym, swim, play, dance, etc.). Also, make sure you tweak your calorie intake as per your activity level. The more you workout, the more calories from healthy food you must consume.

Expert Tip If you only have 10 days, and you want to get quick results, you may opt for an organic juice cleanse for 3 days to shock your body and boost your metabolism.After the juice cleanses, drink plenty of water (room temperature is best as drinking iced water can be harsh for the digestive system) with a few slices of lemon, limes, (and in the summer you can add sliced cucumbers) to keep your body hydrated, your skin radiant, and your stomach filled.

  • Avoid Junk Food Completely: Carbonated drinks, tea or coffee with milk and refined sugar, candies, chocolates, wafers, fries, fried chicken, ranch dips, etc. are some examples of junk food.  These are high in calories as well as unhealthy trans fats. However, remember, not all low-calorie foods are good either! For example, diet soda – it contains 0 calories, but it also has 0 nutritional value. Avoid consuming artificial, frozen, over fried, and processed foods.

Expert Tip Reduce consumption of ’empty’ calories. For instance, biscuits, fizzy drinks, processed foods. Get active daily – cycle, swim, dance, play sports, walk,  etc. Make exercise fun and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Drink more water and also eat smaller portions 4-6 times throughout the day – use smaller plates and dishes.

  • Choose Healthy Snacks: Unhealthy snacking is the biggest culprit that causes weight gain. Fries, chips, and cookies do nothing to fill us up but add a lot of refined carbs, sugar, and unhealthy fats. Opt for snacks that have high fiber content. Consume fruits, nuts, seeds, green tea, herbal tea, black coffee without sugar or milk, and protein shakes as snacks also try the pineapple diet.

Expert Tip Stay away from any food man-made! This goes for anything in a package or something that isn’t fresh. Try to eat lots of vegetables and lean proteins (fish, chicken, egg whites, beans…) Take it back to the basics, and you will see results – extra water will help too! Put in the goods and flush out the bad stuff. Cut the sugar and booze – it’s only 10 days you can do it. Check for hidden sugar in things like salad dressing, drinks, and sauces this is typically the HARDEST for my clients, so it deserves its own reminder.

  • Eat Smaller Portions: When you see more food on your plate, you tend to eat more Hence, it makes sense to serve yourself smaller portions. This will prevent overeating and help you lose weight – without having to give up your favorite foods. Tip: Eat on a small plate to make the portion appear more than what you can consume.

Expert Tip If you understand what a portion really looks like, you will be able to monitor how much you are consuming. Clean Eating – The foods we purchase daily are filled with added preservatives and sugars.  Aim to eat foods that contain less than 6 ingredients. Try not to eat things that have sugar as one of the top 4 ingredients. This can be written as sugar, corn syrup, fructose, and many other names. Small, Frequent Meals – It is important to not let yourself get hungry. In order to keep your energy up and your metabolism going, you need to eat about every 4 hours.

  • Cook Your Meals: With work and miscellaneous other tasks demanding your attention, cooking your meals can seem like too much of a chore. But if you are looking to lose weight, this is a great step you can take. You get to keep the calorie count in mind, you eat freshly cooked food, it is cost-effective, and helps you control the portion size.

Expert Tip Plan and write down your meals. This will help you keep on track and allow you to monitor the amount of food and beverages you are taking. The cleaner and healthier you eat, the better and quicker you will see results. Get moving. The best way to lose weight and lose it rapidly is to burn more calories.

  • Drink Enough Water: Drinking enough water is crucial for weight loss. Insufficient water intake could be misinterpreted as hunger by your brain, which may cause you to overeat. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry at an odd time.

Expert Tip  Drink MORE water. Eat LESS (all about creating a calorie deficit – eating a little less than what your body needs – you can do this by eating a little less, and moving a little more

  • Avoid Getting Stressed Out: Stress triggers the secretion of cortisol, which turns on your hunger hormones, causing you to eat emotionally. Stress also increases inflammation in the body, resulting in inflammation-induced weight gain. Whenever you are stressed out, take a walk, run, talk to a friend, sleep, or seek advice from a professional therapist. You may also take up a hobby, learn a new skill, travel, read, work for an NGO, maintain a “feelings” journal, and meditate regularly.

Expert Tip  Get Enough Sleep: So much is dependent on how much sleep you get every night; hormone levels, stress, decision-making abilities, general mood, and appetite.

These are Top 10 tips to lose weight in. Here’s a diet plan to help you understand how to space your meals and what and how much to eat.

Losing weight in is possible if you follow these tips. Consult your doctor before you start following any diet or workout plan. Always seek help from your trainer while working out. Get proper rest and continue following this healthy lifestyle. Have questions? Post them in the comments section, and we will get back to you. Cheers!


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