Top 10 Ways to assist the poor families in Business guidance


Bupposo wants to help poor families in the rural part of India to become financially sufficient. According to a survey a poor family in India gets around 4000/- rupee a month. In almost all the cases there is a single earning member in the family. The income generated through these many days of employment is not enough to run their families.

They want to help them to raise their income to 12000/- per month. The way they want to do this is by hand-holding individuals from setting up the manufacturing facilities, operations and sales, and marketing support to get the true value of their product.

 They want to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs where everybody is independent and leading a good life for their family. To assist the poor families in Business guidance, Manufacturing setup, Business training, Technical support, Sales & Marketing support and making them financially independent.

Top 10 Ways to assist the poor families in Business guidance

1. Their mission is to provide 12,000/- per month to these families by helping them in setting up a small-scale industry where they can produce FMCG products.

2. Thus they help them in sales and marketing of the products so produced.

3. Assured monthly income of 1,00,000-1,25,000/- per month on a base of 2,50,000/-.

4. Complete support from Bupposo in the appointment of distributors. Stockist is welcomed to suggest any new aspiring distributors.

5. The base for the distributor is decided as 45,000/-

6. The appointment of distributors will take place by the sales representatives hired by Bupposo under its head.

7. A target is set to have at least 10 distributors under one stockist. And will be the case to case basis The number of distributors and are handled can increase depending upon the performance and relationship in the region.

8. They will enroll you in a series of training’s free of cost

9. One stockist will be appointed on a population of 15-20 lakh.

10. Under a stockist, there will be distributors. One distributor will be appointed on a population base of a 1-1.5 lakh population. This parameter will change for big cities with high population density and we will appoint one distributor on a base of 2-2.5 lakh population base.

It is an ambitious organization planning to expand into all FMCG product range that can be produced locally hence, a stockist will be a preferred choice to be a franchise in the future.

A distributor just needs to sell roughly 50 packets a day to achieve this revenue. Based on this calculation a distributor can generate revenue of 25,000-35,000 per month. The earnings can increase based on the performance of the retail channel and the generation of other innovative channels of sales.


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