Top 10 Core Values of Sunflower Placements


One of the respected and admired Engineering colleges of A.P is Sri Sunflower College of Engineering and Technology. Established in 2005 by Renowned and Honorable Chairman Sri M.D.V.S.R. Punnam Raju.

Sri Sunflower Engineering College is among the top 5 institutions of Andhra Pradesh as per global human resource development statistic 2015.

With a visionary motive, this placement shell aims to be a leader in Engineering Institutions in India offering and bestowing world class education with values.

This Placement shell of engineering is equipped with highly qualified and accomplished faculty members. In a short span the college has made a mark in the Engineering field with a strong research culture, focused research groups, and other innovative programs. The placement campus has the best infrastructure and modern facilities.

The top 10 core values of Sunflower Placement are –

  1. Quality and Excellence in Education,
  2. At COEP Bears Witness to Excellence
  3. Innovation
  4. Ethics
  5. Commitment,
  6. Values
  7. To prepare professionals to serve the nation and society
  8. To achieve certain goals
  9. To train and educate undergraduate and postgraduate
  10. To carry advance research and development in information and software.

With different departments like Mechanical Engineering, Science Humanities, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and a lot more has made it a top institution.


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