Top 10 convenience offered by Lady Finger – Play School


Lady Finger one of the fast growing preschool that provides care and respectful guidance to children through true means. To make their transition easier Lady Finger have specifically planned settling zone where numerous activities are organised to keep the atmosphere upbeat for children allowing them become aware with their teachers and surroundings.

Choosing a playschool for your child can be a daunting process Lady Finger has been established so that children can have a happy and successful life. Lady Finger one of the best preschools in New Delhi have a unique and original curriculum to provide children with the opportunity to build confidence and express their individuality in physically challenging, artistically enriching, and intellectually stimulating programs.

Here is a list of top 10 conveniences that play school Lady Finger offers –

  1. Lady Finger offers a home away from home facilities to children.
  2. The excellent and safe atmosphere for children aged six weeks to eleven years.
  3. Highly trained, specialized, and equipped teachers and tutors.
  4. Efficient staff
  5. Fresh and nutritious meal to children to enhance proper growth.
  6. Great career opportunities
  7.  Innumerable activities
  8. Babysitting booking  
  9. Holiday Program
  10.  Top quality workshops are also provided by Lady Finger

Lady Finger believes that play is the primary and most meaningful medium of learning for children of preschool age. However, it evokes and encourages children to interact with others to generate their solutions.     


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