Top 10 vital necessities provided by Lady Finger


Lady Finger a leading and renowned education centre where kids learning and nurturing is a tradition. Feel safe and secure for your ward as your child is in caring hands. Every child is taken care and look after as the most precious treasure. It’s a new dimension into children education and learning where care for children aged from six weeks to even years considered.

  1. Lady Finger provides childcare facilities at the workplace in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.
  2. Lady Finger childcare are from the early age of six months to the age of eleven years.
  3. Lady finger provides a high quality standard, build and run efficient plan for the betterment of children.
  4. Lady Finger caters to the needs of children while ensuring that they have developed and prepared for the primary school curriculum.
  5. Various activities are offered such as a play zone, sandpit, creativity corner, clay moulding, and many enticing toys and games.
  6. Right nutrition and routine development programs are provided to toddlers in a caring, healthy and safe environment.
  7. Lady finger has specially designed settling zone.
  8. Students and parent’s welfare programs are organized including workshops and also providing parent counselling.
  9. Lady Finger enables childcare opportunities for better equipped candidates.
  10.  Lady Finger supports employer’s right from project evaluation to the execution of childcare facility.

At Lady Finger, the prime focus is to stimulate and guide children in their childhood development while rendering academic skills, intellectual, emotional, linguistic, physical, social and moral knowledge that will enable the all-round development of every child.


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