Top 10 Kids Learning and nurturing Activities designated by Ladyfinger


Most parents are very much concerned about their child’s mental growth and child care education, but all your problems related to children health care, nutritional routine, and right development are solved by preschool Ladyfinger.

Ladyfinger understands that the transition from home to preschool takes a span of time and therefore dedicated and experienced teachers are appointed to provide children with respectful and loving care. Ladyfinger brings the method that helps the child to learn and absorb from the environment.

Ladyfinger proves to be the best medium for your children by providing them numerous activities to broaden their thinking capacity. Ladyfinger has organized activities to keep the atmosphere upbeat for children, allowing them to get indulge in several curriculums in order to become familiar with their surroundings and teachers.

 At Ladyfinger equal opportunity to the students are provided by making them participate in each and every activity. Day care programs are offered to children to maintain high standards of hygiene as per international regulations.

Under the specialized supervision, Ladyfinger is keenly attentive in providing programs such as preschool, holiday program, curriculum activities, day care, and baby-sitting booking.

Ladyfinger aims at encouraging, safe and friendly environment which fosters toddler’s emotional, social, physical, educational and cognitive development.

Let’s have a look at top nurturing activities designated by Ladyfinger –

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Abacus Based Training
  • Vocaboom
  • Karate
  • Workshops Vacations
  • Drawing, coloring, and painting
  • Babysitter last minute services.

If discussed further the main vision of Ladyfinger is to endeavour to build a strong foundation by impacting values to shape tomorrows inspiring global citizens.


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