Top 10 Training challenges overcome by Abnoba Cyber Security


Abnoba cyber security provides IT Security training for corporate, educational and other sectors ensuring availability & performance by handing incidents that can compromise security. With specialized security training programs, Abnoba supports businesses and organisational sectors to meet their ever evolving information security challenges thereby dealing with cyber threats.

This cyber site enacts formal penetration assessment on web-based applications, networks, and computer system, etc. Abnoba has more about 50 + confidential projects delivered successfully to its customers. Consecutively Abnoba works for several law enforcement agencies and helping out in cyber-crime cases.

One of the leading cyber security agency that offers technical assurance, investigational services providing advisable judgment to world’s successful organisation. It has set standard and hallmark in the cyber training industry with its excellence and hand-picked services. Highly proven and exceptional expertise at Abnoba informs all the work and enables strong track records based on the professionalism, technical skills and a lot of the consultants.

The top training challenges overcome by Abnoba Cyber Team –

  1. Ethical Hacking
  2. Web App Testing
  3. Buy Bounty Program
  4. Network Pentest
  5. Mobile App Testing
  6. Malware Analysis
  7. Reverse Engineering
  8. Cyber Lawyers
  9. Mobile Forensics
  10. Computer Forensics
  11. Red Teaming

Abnoba’s uniqueness is with its skilled professionals and workforce along with the inevitably ever-changing world class security technology. Having extreme knowledge in handling computer forensics & Cyber Crime investigation the cyber solution Abnoba is situated in Kohat Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi and is available 24*7 for all your InfoSec needs. Get a free consultation at Abnoba and solve all your cyber problems. 


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