Top 10 Integrative Remedies of Dysfunction & Disorder from Arogya Clinic


If you are not satisfied with your married life and facing sexual health problems then Dr. Madhusudan the finest medical practitioner and a renowned Sexologist renders an extensive care Arogya Clinic with best Ayurvedic Treatment. Generally, consulting with a sexologist is key in diagnosis. Expertise can diagnose treatment very well even in a better way so you can freely consult a sexologist with complete confidentially on procto.

It is quite important that you consult a proctologist or sexologist as soon as you notice abnormality or unusual pain in the genitals. It’s not the time to shy or feel embarrassed discussing your sexual aspects. Moreover, you are facing some other problems such as piles or prostate enlargement then no need to be depressed consult the best sexologist Dr. Madhusudan for all your queries and will simply be sorted within a few days.

Delhi-based Arogya Clinic helps in treating the patient’s suffering from sexual and anal problems. Arogya clinic runs by Dr. Madhusudan a reputed award winning sexologist in Gurgaon is a highly qualified and experienced professional in a particular domain. One of the finest and diversified Ayurvedic treatment is given to the patients analyzing the exact problems to render proper diagnostic measurements.

The top 10 integrative remedies offered for Dysfunction, Disorder and other sexual problems from Arogya Clinic are as follows-

  • Best Ayurvedic Treatment with non-surgical measurement
  • An Affordable ailment with proven Ayurvedic remedies
  • Herbal remedy for treating prostate due to vata vitiation/ pitta vitiation
  • Ayurvedic tips
  • Ayurvedic diet
  • Treatment with Shilajit and Chandraprabha Vaticommon Ayurvedic medicine curing for prostate enlargement.
  • Clinical diagnostic measurements
  • Natural Herbs & supplement
  • Effective Treatment from a qualified specialist

Metropolitan patients from all walks of life are provided comfort and get the proper diagnostic tests as prescribed by the medical practitioner.


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