Top 10 Most Expensive Trains In The World


One of the most exciting means of transport is Train. Technology developed at a very rapid pace, and from coal or steam-powered trains now you can see the electric powered. But there are some trains in the world which are far more luxurious than today’s electric powered trains.

Below you will find 10  Most Expensive Trains in the World which people use for trip, vacation, or ceremony.

Deccan Odyssey

This is the luxury train, which scales the Deccan plateau part of Indian peninsular. The train is about diversity, starting from the heritage monuments of Karnataka to the hidden gems of Gujarat, the train takes you through different modules of vacation. This trip provides uniqueness to your travel. While most of the luxury trains try to cover iconic classic attractions, which can never go wrong, Deccan Odyssey tries to bring in more culture and historic elements by adding out-of-the-blue destinations.

The Jewels of Deccan covers numerous heritage sites, ancient monuments, cave temples and other timeless beauties to create a souvenir travel. Deccan Odyssey is the luxurious sightseeing trip for every type of traveler.

Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail is a luxury train of Africa, which has combined the golden era of rail travel with the modern conveniences, creating an unforgettable and extravagant elegance of yesteryears. This experience is not to be missed as the journey beings in the magnificent Edwardian-styled departure room, to the unforgettable time spent onboard the opulent Rovos Rail.

The luxury suites are air-conditioned and decorated with elegant wood paneling. En-suite facilities and Edwardian features also make Royal suites, Deluxe suites, and Pullman suites, ensure a lavish stay on board.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is a luxury version of the Trans-Siberian, featuring en-suite bathrooms, air-con in the summer, full heat in the winter, laundry services, TVs, a resident pianist and an English-speaking doctor.

The two-week passage feels more like a cruise than a train ride as it stops for daily excursions along the way. It rides along Lake Baikal, hauled by a Soviet Era steam locomotive, and makes a detour to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. To help passengers acclimatize in extravagance, five-star accommodations in Moscow and Vladivostok are provided.

Palace on Wheels

The original luxury train in India, The Palace on Wheels showed Indians what luxury is all about. With a recent face-lift, the train was once used as transportation by the Nizams of Hyderabad and the kings of princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat and others. This was the first heritage luxury train put together by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, and introduced the charm of royal travel to Indians and foreign visitors. Today, this premium train has retained its regal extravagance, and takes travellers through the heart of Rajasthan.

Blue Train

Africa’s most lavish train journey heads between Cape Town and Pretoria, with butlers ready to whisk clothing away to be ironed, a wood-panelled gentleman’s club-esque club car with complimentary cigars, and feasts accompanied by a string quartet. Some cabins come with their own bathtubs, while the key off-train excursion is to the giant open mines of Kimberley.

Rocky Mountaineer

This train is best for people who want to explore the culture and beauty of Canada. It offers the people a 12 days journey to the natural beauty. This train is also awarded as the world leading travel experience by train almost seven times. It offers four types of services like Gold Leaf, Silver leaf, red leaf and Whistler service. The gold leaf is the most luxurious one with full of luxuries and facilities. Journey by this train is full of adventures and provides the passengers lifetime memories with them.

 Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express famous as the most authentic trains around the world features 1920s vintage cars. The train runs from Paris to Istanbul on a six day long journey including stops at Budapest and Bucharest. The décor, amenities and generosity of the train would make you experience the time of 1920s. The quality of food and service makes it even more popular. The restaurant car serves a French Cuisine featuring a pianist for the enjoyment of the travellers. There is a small shop on-board, where the guest could buy souvenirs. The train became famous from the Agatha Christie Novel, and the train also serves as the benchmark for other luxurious trains around the world. 

Belmond Royal Scotsman

A small venue—just 40 passengers—it’s great for those who wish for a more intimate, luxury setting with gourmet, five-star dining, wine-pairing, superior service and thrilling excursions. All the train’s cars, save the 1928-era diner, are of 1960s vintage equipment, but they have been recast into an Edwardian confection of varnished woods, polished brass and fine fabrics. Simply put, it is one of our favorite hotel trains.

The Ghan

The Ghan follows what must surely be one of the world’s most remarkable routes, and if there is a railway that physically links such different landscapes, including a view into pre-history, this is it; all the while, passengers travel in the comfort of a luxury train. 


Japan has some astonishing trains – getting around by high-speed shinkansen is a quintessential Japanese experience. But Seven Stars in Kyushu is the first real branching out into the “cruise train” concept. It offers two and four-day journeys around the island of Kyushu, with the sumptuously designed suite cabins fusing Western and Japanese design. Live music in the lounge car and welcome ceremonies add to the pageantry.


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