Top 10 innovative and paan-tastic recipe – You can serve the guest


Paan traditionally known as palate-cleanser has gone from being a humble treat to an exquisite experience. With some new techniques and innovative style, innumerable recipes can be made out to treat your guest to these colorful, refreshing, easy to make recipe. Comprising from nuts to fruits and coffee there is a variety of flavored recipe can be served that will leave your guest asking again.

Try out some quirky recipe that will surely be a show-stealer at any party. Adding a blend of Mast Banarasi paan flavors in your recipe can drop a spark on your guest’s mind.

Look up for the top 10 innovative and paan-tastic recipes –

Paan cornets – This recipe sums up well if adding a dash of exotic spicy flavors with some fresh fruits to compliment a rich texture. 

Chocolate Gulkand espresso paan– Fantabulous blend of dark chocolates with milk and cream stirs nicely with espresso and gulkand including coconut flakes as a garnishing element.

Pista paan – The astounding blend of dry fruits such as pistachios and almond using gulkand as a paste can be served to your friends and relatives by just garnishing with a cherry stick.

Peach and paan koftas in korma sauce– A total of 1 hour 10 minutes cook time, the beautiful beetle leaves are wrapped around juicy peaches amazingly stuff with a melange of spice and nuts that render a spell binding aroma. However, its ecstatic taste will linger in your guest senses.

Paan thandai– One of the best recipes which you can make prepare with paan is paan thandai literally, that takes 15 minutes of time in preparing. It can be dish up as the most love and delicious summer beverage including a generous bit of vodka to have you drooling.

Paan Skillet cake recipe– This scrumptious cake is quite different. Tot up paan with a refreshing twist, stuffed with an exquisite stuffing of coconut, jaggery, and nuts can be a trendy cake of this season.

Paan ki chaat, Paan kulfi, Murgh Banarasi Beeda, Paan chocolate are fewmore seasonal recipe of paan made up with twists and turns that will give a mouth-watering, delectable taste and surely please your guest to have one more shot.


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