Most innovative startup concept of 50+ varieties of mouth freshener paan


Paan- Indian After-Dinner Treat

An Indian after-dinner treat Betel leaf (Paan) that entail betel leaf busting with chopped betel (areca) nut (Areca catechu) and slaked lime (chuna – calcium hydroxide), to which assorted other ingredients and different variety. A triangular or roll shaped paan is served to the people in various types including meetha paan, tambaku paan and so forth in endless flavours of ice-cream consisting mango, cola, pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate combined with traditional ingredients such as coconut, aniseed, cardamom, dried dates, and mukhwas.

People are in a habit to eat paan daily after their dinner. Today’s present time in modern marriage one can see counter of pan also to serve guests. It’s new thesis in contemporary society to eat paan which is not consuming tobacco or supari filled with one stick & cherry. Banarasi Paan a traditional mouth freshener consists of betel leaf, coconut, tobacco, tuti-futi, gulkand, arena nut & much more. Nothing can beat it in future and its love will never come to an end.

The Mesmerising Memento from ‘Mast Banarsi Pan’

A mouth freshener Indian after-dinner treat is known for its mesmerising aroma & sweetness which is loved by all. Henceforth, Mast BANARSI PANbegets the most innovative startup concept of 50+varieties of mouth freshener paan prepared with some exotic masalas along with the passion to delight and bliss your taste buds. Having esteem knowledge and experience in taste Mast Banarsi Paan delivers flavoured Paan delicacies maintaining a great taste and natural essence. Mast Banarsi Paanwith an innovative concept is offering innumerable variety of Paan that will be having lip-smacking, scrumptious, and delectable taste in such a manner to build a perfect magical taste that you’ll appreciate forever.

New arrivals with varying flavours The imagery is half-finished with savouring Paan that is aromatic spices and special condiments that give the mouth freshener of sorts, its characteristic flavour. Love for Paan is unmatched, eateries are fond of meetha paan, saunf khushboo, mix patti, raja jani, raja sahib, tambaku paan and many other. With some new arrivals give a taste to your bud with Choco pan,

chocolatea gundi pan, 90 Qimam paan, laddu paan, dry fruit chocolate paan, kesar pista chocolate paan, 120 tobacco paan, hazelnut, roasted almond raspberry, cashew, fruit paan and so on.

With a team of renowned personnel Mrs. Maya Thakur director of Mast Banarasi Pan, P.N (Anand) CEO laid an objective to provide the delectable taste and quality to their customers worldwide with a new innovative concept of offering quality, taste, service and healthy products to content the satisfaction of its customers in the best possible aptitude and take the business to step a new world of Paan fantasy.

Mast Banarasi Paan have reached across India with 100+partners teaming up together with CRM to stride forward and extend to another level of height.Thereby with an increase and enhancement in sales performance and becoming the best performer Mast Banarasi Paan has developed a great idea to do unique in this paan segment world.   


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